sábado, 25 de agosto de 2007

katarzyna and luka !

There was this wonderfull blogger named Katarzyna, from Poland, inviting to have a seat, a coffee and some words at kronikak.blogspot.com .... and a new curious blogger from Portugal who happened to take a seat .... and this is what a blog can lead to ... Me and K ... Luka was taking the shot !

Katarz and Luka ... I had a wonderfull day showing you places around ! Glad you found Portugal !

2 comentários:

Dragonfly disse...

:) \Thanks!!!Portugal was absolutely great! I hope i will visit your country once more, someday in the future!

redjanpais disse...

So do I ! And then, we'll find some places where Luka can climb .... and some nature wonders you can fall in love to ...!