segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2007

I know I´ve seen you ....

I know well the moments where I´ve seen you ... dressed like a smile in an old man with no teeth, as the brightness in the eyes of a fragile woman, in the arms of a granma with a careful haircut and some blush powder! I saw you in a death battle where you teached life how to stay, in a lip´s kiss from a golden little bird!
Yes, I do know where I´ve seen you, and how you dressed like ... like tears in my heart, in my daily and repeated falling asleep, where there is not a day without feeling you and touching you while I get myself near to you! I can name you Elvira or Manuel, I can name you Kuka or Rato ... I can see you without seeing you, feeling you without touching you!
Did you know Granma Alice that until today I still fall asleep nearby you ... on that 15th October so many years ago ... and that I've learned with that small kisses you gave me in that last sunny afternoon, when you gave me your arms, when you called me without speaking, that I´ve learned we love till the end ??

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Dragonfly disse...

It is great that all that love that is given to us by other people - grandmothers, paretmts, children - make us so strong. :)